Nutricion And Wellness: Discover The Secrets Of A Healthy Diet


From a passive model to the energy model

We must abandon a static model, where the body passively undergoes the mechanisms of entry-exit of food, seen as an inert mass that is deposited inside us.

Let’s convert to a new energy model: the body experienced as a dynamic element, as an active entity, and food seen as a changing entity that has the power to set the body in motion, like a fuel.

The old model said: eat too much, get fat, diet, lose weight. But it’s not that simple

We do not introduce only aseptic calories into the body, but above all active molecules, which interact with your body and become responsible, for positive or negative, for its well-being. Knowing the interactions between nutrition and wellness is necessary to make the right choice.

The combination of healthy nutrition and targeted integration can keep us healthy, restore us to health, for a long and young life

Today, knowing how you are, thanks to the help of genetics, you can make more thoughtful choices, more in line with the functioning of your body, thus implementing preventive therapies in order to prevent the development or in any case delay the onset of various diseases.

Actively act in the key of a concrete successful aging. A diet and a life “tailored to DNA.

Diet and drink

Life urges and calls: we answer “Present!” Daily circumstances, from dawn to dusk, demand all of our energy. We need a physical form that matches our ambitions and our efforts.

How to reach it, and then how to keep it?

Our physical fitness is related to our state of health, the better the former, the lower the risk of disease.

Lifestyle, in turn, more than any medicine, affects physical fitness

The first cure is not to wait for the disease to arrive.

And it is connected to:

-Quality nutrition

-A correct body weight

-Stress management

-Physical activity

-Tonicity of body and mind


-Confidence in one’s freedom

-Nutrition should not only be associated with the phenomenon of weight loss but with the experience of wellbeing and psycho-physical wellbeing: physical health, mental health and aesthetic health, the need to feel and feel good in your body. Getting back in shape does not only mean finding the lost line, but also discovering a new way of living.

Luis Isaias