Breakfast: Five Reasons Why it Matters

Your day should always start with a healthy breakfast . In fact, upon awakening, our body needs energy to be efficient, at least until the lunch break.

Still too many people, out of haste, laziness or habit, limit themselves to having a coffee or a little more before starting the day.

Skipping breakfast has been shown to expose the body to a number of risks and problems.

Reasons why breakfast is important:

The following five reasons why skipping breakfast shouldn’t even be an option:

The body needs energy:

Just as a car needs petrol to leave, the body needs energy to start the day and face all the commitments, especially after the long rest of the night.

Without “fuel”, all of our muscles and even our brains are unable to work efficiently.

Breakfast is that “fuel” that is needed to start the day with energy and activate the entire body.

A good source of vitamins and minerals:

Yogurt, cereals, fresh fruit, dried fruit, jam, honey, bread or wholemeal rusks are the essential foods for a healthy breakfast.

They are rich in vitamins , minerals , fibers and antioxidants that give the right charge throughout the morning, prolong the sense of satiety and do not tire the digestive system.

In addition, they improve physical endurance, attention span and memory.

Helps you eat less throughout the day:

Skipping breakfast is not the best method for maintaining a healthy weight, nor is it the best method for dieting.

In fact, at mid-morning you will feel the famous “hole in the stomach” and you will want to eat all kinds of snacks, sweet and savory all the time.

In addition, you will arrive at lunchtime hungry and eat more than you need , thus straining your digestion.

A study has shown that those who don’t eat breakfast eat more during the day.

Protects the heart:

This food can also help reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases, cardiovascular, obesity and diabetes.

One of the main reasons is linked to the fact that, by eating correctly in the morning, during the day you avoid taking in calorie foods that contain high percentages of fats, especially saturated ones, which are harmful to the health of the cardiovascular system. 

Without breakfast, the metabolism slows down:

A healthy and nutritious food has been shown to help stimulate and speed up the metabolism.

Eating in the morning gives you energy and helps burn calories throughout the day.

On the contrary, especially if you are on a diet, skipping breakfast can trigger metabolic mechanisms that slow down weight loss.


Although there are now many diets and methods to lose weight quickly, the truth is that all those that exclude breakfast are not recommended.

Being the first meal of the day, it produces multiple fundamental effects in the body.

Refraining from this food can help you gain unnecessary weight, so it is preferable to choose healthy options for breakfast.

Breakfast can be very varied, but it is ideal that it always includes a protein and antioxidants.

It is essential to understand that a smoothie does not replace a breakfast, although it helps to activate the body.